Our Approach

Our Treatment Approach

  1. Trauma Informed: EMDR, ART, and psychodrama are common approaches we use to facilitate healing from overwhelming experiences.

  2. Mindfulness Based: Mindfulness-based relapse prevention is foundational to our model for maintaining sobriety through the recovery process.

  3. Harm Reduction: Doing whatever it takes to stay alive and well. Medication management, Suboxone treatment, Suboxone tapers, and Vivitrol are a few examples.  

  4. Experientially Focused: Central America trips, surfing adventures, and local free-diving are offered throughout the year.  

  5. Dual Diagnosis: Rarely is addiction not driven or complicated by mental health disorders. Alongside Opioids, we specialize in treating Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, and other chemical and behavioral addictions.

  6. Community Centered: Bottom line, healing and transformation happen in the context of supportive relationships. It's no surprise that boredom and loneliness go hand-in-hand with addiction (and American culture).  

  7. Spiritually Grounded: Through adventure trips, spiritual direction, and community, we will give you the opportunity to explore meaning, purpose, and questions on God.  

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  Peace Club's Cocoa Beach Office

Peace Club's Cocoa Beach Office