Our Treatment Approach


  1. Dual Diagnosis: Rarely is addiction not driven or complicated by mental health disorders. Alongside opioids, we specialize in treating anxiety disorders, PTSD, and other chemical and behavioral addictions.

  2. Evidence Based Therapy With a Focus on Harm Reduction: Doing whatever it takes to stay alive and well. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT), medication management, Suboxone tapers, and Vivitrol are a few examples. 

  3. Experiential: The spaces we spend our time in, the food we eat, and how we move our bodies impact how we feel. This doesn’t change during recovery. We’ve created an environment where you can rest, recuperate, and be inspired so you can focus on healing.

  4. Trauma Focused: EMDR, ART, and psychodrama are common approaches we use to facilitate healing from overwhelming experiences.

  5. Mindfulness Based: Mindfulness-based relapse prevention is foundational to our model for maintaining sobriety through the recovery process. 

  6. Community Centered: Healing and transformation happen in the context of supportive relationships. It’s no surprise that boredom and loneliness go hand-in-hand with addiction (and American culture).  

  7. Spiritually Grounded: Through adventure trips, spiritual direction, and community, we will give you the opportunity to explore meaning, purpose, and spirituality.

Peace Club's Cocoa Beach Office

Peace Club's Cocoa Beach Office